Rumack’s SSAT Workbook: Study Guide & Practice Questions


Study guide and practice questions to master the Middle Level SSAT.

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The Middle Level SSAT can be challenging even for students with top marks. Rumack’s SSAT Preparation Workbook for the Middle Level instructs students in the concepts, skills, and strategies necessary for this rigorous test, while previewing academic topics of seventh grade and above.


A complete, comprehensive SSAT study guide specific to content on the Middle Level test

  • 630 pages of lessons and SSAT practice questions
  • Vocabulary-building lessons
  • Test strategies specific to each section: Verbal (synonyms and analogies), Reading Comprehension, Quantitative, Writing Sample
  • 17 math sections that teach concepts step-by-step before students tackle test questions
  • Reading instruction in question types, elements of comprehension, and strategy
  • Writing instruction in story-arc, developing characters and setting, literary devices, editing
  • 1500+ practice questions


Written and designed by real teachers with years of SSAT coaching experience

  • Increases students’ confidence, knowledge, and performance on the SSAT
  • Enhances students’ academic understanding in language and math concepts beyond their current grade
  • Guides parents and educators in supporting students during test preparation
  • Teaches concepts explicitly and with support before testing students’ understanding (Scaffolded Instruction)
  • Builds new concepts upon previously learned concepts, allowing students to recognize and apply previous learning


The time spent preparing for this test is a lesson in dedication, determination, and personal growth that is valuable both on and beyond the test day. Rumack’s SSAT Preparation Workbook will provide students with the most comprehensive lessons to achieve their best.


***Find the SSAT Workbook Solutions HERE***


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