Alpha-Mania Adventures: Phonological Awareness Stories


Get the complete Alpha-Mania Adventures phonological awareness series!

Maximize the fun and phonological awareness practise with the Alpha-Mania Adventures Companion Packs!


Ages: 3 to 8

Alpha-Mania Adventures is a read-aloud phonological awareness mystery series. Buccaneers, lost islands, treasure maps, and magical creatures transport the reader to a fantastical land full of letters and riddles.

Written by certified teachers, these books teach important auditory skills necessary to learn to read including rhyming, blending, alliterating, segmenting, sound manipulation, and phonics.

The series includes:

  • Captain Ray and the Rhyming Pirates: A Rhyming Book
  • Slomo’s Secret Treasure: A Blending Book
  • The Fantastic Floating Feast: An Alliteration Book
  • The Splitter Critter and the Greedy Pirates: A Segmenting Book
  • The Great Riddle Race: A Sound Manipulation Book


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